The Relationship of Dental Health and Gum with Heart Health

Don't underestimate dental health. Caring for teeth and gums can bring benefits not only for oral health, but also for heart health and overall body health. Medical experts have long examined the relationship between dental health and the health of other body organs. Disorders that occur in the teeth and gums are known to cause various other more serious diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, pregnancy disorders, and strokes. Several studies related to the relationship of gum disease with heart health revealed that: Gum disease is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. People with fewer teeth and more gum disease have a higher risk of stroke. There is a relationship between clogged arteries in the legs and gum disease. However, various other studies find the opposite, so that further research is still needed to ensure this relationship. How Do Gums Disorders Harm the Heart? Although experts have not found a direct link between toothache and gum with ca
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